How Anyone Can be Self Employed

How Anyone Can be Self Employed

Finding work in this economy can be seriously tough! Even post-secondary graduates are reporting difficulty finding anything much less work that actually puts their education to use! In this day and age, you can no longer count on work being available. The good news is that you don’t have to! The advent of internet has created opportunities that even 20 years ago, no one would have even considered. This post will explain how anyone can be self employed using internet marketing.

Time Investment

Time is your most precious commodity; you should always spend it wisely. This right here is where most new internet marketers fail. In times of doubt, they stop putting in the hour every other day required to continue building a website. They are so obsessed with the question “will this even work?” that they stop doing any work at all and ironically never find out the answer! Don’t be one of these people.


internet-marketingTo be good at internet marketing requires the right skills and knowledge. You can learn everything you could possibly need to know at Wealthy Affiliate. It will take time and practice either way to develop the basic skills required in this industry. The number one skill for creating a successful website is creating quality content. Content will mean the difference between having regular traffic or none at all. It is also where you provide value to your visitors in order to build trust(which you can leverage later).

Take Action!

Lets be clear about one thing. Internet marketing is a BUSINESS. As  a business owner, your success or failure ultimately rests on your shoulders alone. If you don’t take action and act decisively when needed, you wont be able to succeed(at internet marketing, or anything in life for that matter).

awesome-web-design-1024x647Of course, being a business owner has a ton of advantages as well. You decide your own hours, you pay yourself, you don’t have to answer to anyone, and, best of all you learn to have pride in what you can accomplish!

The hardest part about IM isn’t getting it all right and building the perfect website; it is getting ranked! Getting your webpages ranked to the top of Google(for that glorious search traffic) can take quite some time. There are some techniques to speed up the process but not by much.

Normally, getting content ranked(getting traffic from search engines, mainly Google) can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months(using proper SEO). In the meantime, you have to continue creating content for no audience. Not to worry though, it will all pay off when traffic finally shows up. All it takes to get through this tough phase is patience and belief- not in some higher power, but in yourself and your work.

Why bother?

Now all this might sound difficult, but what about the alternative? Being at the mercy of the job market? Needing to commute every single day and deal with people you don’t like day after day(assuming you even find work)?

internet-marketing-kampanjaI don’t know about you, but I would do just about anything to achieve financial independence. The freedom and flexibility work well for anyone who still wants to live their life as fully as possible. Its simply a matter of putting in the work and learning as you go!

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